May 17, Maison de la Poste, Brussels

Connecting organisations and people, helping to shape the bank of tomorrow

What brings banks back at the forefront of societal transformation? Find out at #TBSCONF22BXL.

On May 17, our flagship event and Belgium’s largest banking conference is back with more than 400 professionals. You will have the opportunity to network with executives, peers and luminaries from across the industry. Inspire and be inspired. We will continue our investigation how banks must pivot their role in society to continue being a trusted partner for their stakeholders in a continuously changing world.

We present you with 2 parallel streams, featuring our unique mix of national and international speakers, who will provide you with new insights that lead to growth. Keep pace with the latest evolutions in banking, network with your colleagues and see how companies like yours are tackling the problems that keep you up at night.

Moreover, you will engage in a community that many struggle to access and share your ideas with people who care as much as you do.

Whether you want to build your brand, meet new people or demonstrate your thought leadership in banking, this is the event you cannot afford to miss.

Oh, and don’t forget the extras that make this event unique: the dazzling style and flair along with the excellent catering. It’s your ticket for an unforgettable day.

By the way: Chris Skinner will bring 400 copies of his new book "Digital For Good: stand for something, or you will fall down", weeks before the official release!

“The Banking Event brings you up-to-speed with the most important movements in the sector, provides usable use cases and gives you ample opportunity to exchange experiences with your fellow bankers.”

Bart Beeusaert,
Director Digital Banking & Product Development, Bank Nagelmackers

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